Barrett's Esophagus


While Barrett’s esophagus does not often cause any symptoms itself, many patients mistake it for heartburn. Since it is caused my acid reflux from the stomach, Barrett’s esophagus occurs when the lining of the esophagus is damaged and changed to a lining similar to that of the stomach.

At Saracino Gastroenterology, we work with our patients to help treat Barrett’s esophagus. Often the disease can be curbed by taking antacids after meals and before going to bed, taking histamine H2 receptor blockers, and with the use of proton pump inhibitors. These lifestyle changes can be discussed with Dr. Saracino at your appointment. If medication or surgery is necessary, the medical professionals at Saracino Gastroenterology will help walk you through each step so that you are comfortable and knowledgeable throughout the entire process.

While treatment cannot reverse the changes that have been done to your esophagus from the disease, it can improve the symptoms of acid reflux and keep Barrett’s esophagus from worsening.

If you experience a heartburn sensation for longer than a few days or have pain or difficulty swallowing, you should call Saracino Gastroenterology immediately to assess the possibility of Barrett’s esophagus.


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